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Public Sworn Translation and Interpretation

Public Sworn Translation and Interpretation
What is a Sworn Public Translator and Commercial Interpreter?
He is the only professional able to translate documents from foreign origins  to produce legal effects in Brazil and the Brazilian ones for legal purposes in other countries of different languages ​​.The Commercial Interpreter makes oral interpretation between people of different languages.

What does the law say?

"... The work performed by the Public Translator (Sworn) generates the issuance of a legal document for all purposes, while the non-sworn professional makes non-sworn translations of simple and informal character exclusively."

What does the Code of Civil Procedure say?

" Documents written in a foreign language can only be attached to the records  when accompanied by a sworn official translation  made by an Official Public Sworn Translator."

Why do you need a sworn commercial interpreter?

He is essential in all pending litigation, meetings with official minutes between our country and  foreign trade discussions involving confidentiality and reliability of the  interpreter, in the courts, police   stations  where ​official inquiries are made  involving people who do not speak our native language, etc.

What types of documents do you need a certified translation for?

School Transcripts, diplomas and certificates, driver's licenses, birth, marriage, death certificates, etc.., International contracts, passports, papers, theses to be accepted as official entities abroad letters rogatory, deeds and all other legal documents .

Informal Translation and Interpretation

Why should you choose an official translator or interpreter for your informal translations and interpretations?
The sworn public translator and commercial interpreter is approved by a public contest in which only 5% of the applicants are approved. The applicant undergoes severe written and oral examinations. You can trust the quality of their service. This professional is able to provide you the highest quality and faithful service.

Business Consulting

We offer business advising in the following services:

  • Drafting of contracts
  • Manuals
  • Business letters
  • Invoices Filling-up
  • Filling in forms
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Interpretation of manuals
  • Contracts, instructions, etc.
  • Monitoring in Internet
  • Monitoring in teleconferences

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