Customers, among many others:

  • Trip Linhas Aereas SA
  • Total Linhas Aereas SA
  • Leader Taxi Aereo SA
  • Georadar Levantamentos Geofísicos SA
  • Andrade e Gutierrez SA
  • Construtora Cowan SA
  • Capital Consulting Latin América
  • Outotec tecnologia Brasil LTDA
  • MRV Engenharia e Participações SA
  • Dallas Airmotive Manutenção de Motores Aeronáuticos
  • Rio Claro Minerals Pesquisa e Exploração Mineral
  • "Minas Tênis Clube"
  • Promass- Mass Promotions Administration and Insurance Brokerage
  • "Mbiolog Diagnósticos"
  • Águas do Treme Lake Resort
  • Despachatur LTDA
  • Viamundi Idiomas e Traduções LTDA
  • MEI- Escola de Idioma
See what some clients say about us:

"We have often used your services and have always been very well assisted.
After you have implemented the option of sending the document by e-mail in order make the translation faster, it has become even better.
I can only thank for the attention, agility and quality which you have always devoted to our services."

Yours truly,

Luiza Isabel Oliveira Alves- Lider Aviação


Only the excellent people stay on the market for so long and at the top, with many renowned clients, who are the best references anyone can have. Trying to express in words your excellence, usefulness and recommending you would be very pretentious.
Continue to reward us with your unquestionable competence.


Luiz Alberto
Author of several books about drug addiction, enthusiast and creator of the GREDA Groups - Group of Rehabilitees of Alcohol Dependence
It's worth visiting his website: /antidrogas


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